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checkbox and radioButton MSB/LSB error?


I tried to use drawBitmap256 to display the sample images from the Touch_flash_checkbox_radiobutton demo without using flash and runCommand.

The images looked, like MSB/LSB are in the wrong order. Is it rigth that runCommand from flash requires different byte-order than drawBitmap256?


RE:checkbox and radioButton MSB/LSB error?

All kind of draw image functions in commands set are little bit differ, in order to allow drawing same image in different locations, you can't put X,Y value in draw image function in commands set, you should use:

draw image command+width+height+image data...


draw image command+X+Y+width+height+image data... as from serial port.

You need specify X,Y value from serial port or another commands set by using such commands: GP, TP and most off drawing commands will change the X,Y after ran.



RE:checkbox and radioButton MSB/LSB error?

I found out, if I read the hex array from position1 instead of position 0, the image was OK.

What is the function of \x0F\x0F at the bieginning of the file?


RE:checkbox and radioButton MSB/LSB error?

Not \x0F, should add at least one extra byte of value \xFF at the end of commands set to tell the MCU this commands set end here.

RE:checkbox and radioButton MSB/LSB error?

One commands set can call another commands set, but only allow 2 level, eg.:

Commands set 1: set position 1+call commands set 2+set position 2+call commands set 2+set position 3+call commands set 2

Commands set 2: draw a check box image.

After you run commands set 1, you will draw 3 check boxes on the screen at different position.


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