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Contrast keeps drifting...........

I have a few Model: DS160120LCD-51 displays.

One display has a contrast problem.  I can use CT,xx to correct the problem, but after awhile the contrast problem slowly creeps back.

I noticied the specifications state:

Contrast auto-adjusted according temperature

Clearly that must be where the problem lies.

Any help with locating the bad part would be appreciated.


RE:Contrast keeps drifting...........

Remove the 3 parallel capacitors will solve the problem, we put these 3 redundant caps on PCB and then noticed this will cause such problem later. Sorry about that.

RE:Contrast keeps drifting...........

Thank You for getting back to me so quickly.

I looked for the 3 caps (C5,C7,C8).  The display that I am having the contrast problem on does NOT have these caps installed.  Something else must be causing the problem.

I did look at my recent order of displays and found 3 that did have those caps, so I removed those.

What should I look for next?


RE:Contrast keeps drifting...........

The contrast affected by the internal DC/DC converter on screen and environment temperature, there seems no reason to have this problem after removing the 3 caps.

RE:Contrast keeps drifting...........

I guess I just have a bad one.   When I get more free time I'll look at the outputs of the 2 voltage regulators and see if they're drifting.

But thank you for the help


RE:Contrast keeps drifting...........

We will provide free replacement for DOA items

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