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12864 colour oled serial panel


I purchased two new serial colour Oled panels from China last fall, V4.2. Digole assured that they were fully compatible with former series, but nope, they wouldn't light up.

Had to cycle power 4 or 5 times before they'd turn on.

So I sent them back to Digole headquarters (Canada) early december 2018, and since then... no news. Digole wouldn't even answer my emails.

Looks like I've been stolen some 50US$ (items + shipping).

Has anybody's been having similar experience?

Please let me know.

Thank you.

RE:12864 colour oled serial panel

We checked your returns, and following problem found:

1) Displays are all good, you disabled welcome screen and config, so, both will show nothing on the screen when power on (looks like deed but not)

2) The firmware was V4.0V, means these display were produced in earlier of year 2017.

Because there was no problem on the returns, you supposed need to pay the postage to get them back.

RE:12864 colour oled serial panel


Thank you for your prompt answer.
As explained in a couple of former emails (2018) sent to questionatdigoledotcom, yes I disabled both Digole splash screen and config screen. But still wouldn't display anything unless I cycled power a couple of times.

The display should have displayed what it was supposed to, and it didn't. I plugged it (both) in place of a former one (2016), and it stayed black.

The former ones did display, and questionatdigoledotcom told me they were fully compatible with former series. Which obviously they're not.

THEN I tried to reload V4.0 instead of V4.2, to see if the problem was software related. But nope : it'd stay black unless I cycle power three or four times.
Is it a UART speed problem with this new series from China?

I can pay for shipping, but I'll get back what I sent: unfunctionnal panels!

I already explain all this, but got no answer.

Thank you, M. Sun.

RE:12864 colour oled serial panel

As we test, the displays are working correctly.

Make sure you did:

1) wait about 0.3 second after power on to let the display init all hardware, then send data to UART, other wise, the UART on display get error.

2) Make sure the TX pin on your MCU (RX pin on display) not pulled to low logic voltage when power on, other wise, the dipslay may entering bootloader mode, that's why the older firmware that without bootloader work on your system but new firmeare with bootloader may not.

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