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SPI command


I'm new to SPI and thereforge a little confused what to send to the screen.

I tried to send the SOO command or the CL command, however nothing happend.

When i plug my screen into the Supply the start streen "SPI:SS enable V2.7" and the logo is shown. I think i have a screen with version 2.7.

In the manual i read that i have to put 2 bytes value on the beginning to indicate the data length of command set.

So i have to send 0x00\0x00\0x53(S)\0x4F(O)\0x4F(O)\0x00 to turn the screen off?

and in the SPI transceiver flowchart it looks like  i have to pull the SS pin after every 8 bit to high and then back to low.

SS pin low -> 0x00 -> SS pin High -> SS pin low -> 0x00 -> SS pin High -> SS pin low -> 0x53...

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RE:SPI command

If hardware connecitons are correct, then check the SPI mode, there are 4 modes on SPI, google "SPI mode"

RE:SPI command

 I checkt the spi mode and neither of them chance it.

Do i have to pull up the ss pin after every byte or just when im finished sending?

RE:SPI command

Better to pull SS up after each bytes

RE:SPI command

 The 2 byte which indicates the length of the data should be in the front of the command and include the command length?

RE:SPI command

All parameters associated with a command should after the body of command.

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