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Touch commands vs. other commands


again next "bug" or strange software design. When I send command "RPNXY" to detect panel touching it works (with all these strange behaviours described before).

It means that panel waits for touching. But during that time it doesn't react to any other commands !!!!!!

What to hell is going on? Normal operation means that I can enter some data or click the button for making something (so the module is ready for  detecting a touch)

and in the same time I can send some messages to display ! Does it mean that these both actions cannot work simultanously ????

So is there any way to "disable" RPNXY command for sending a printed message and then to resend "RPNXY" ???

RE:Touch commands vs. other commands

Hi Jacek,

You need do checking touch panel and display information yourself, the display can't do both simultannously, use "RPNXYI" will return 4 bytes of 0xFF if if no touch on the display.


RE:Touch commands vs. other commands

Dear Service,

sorry but I do not understand clearly what do you mean.

First of all as mentioned in my previous thread only one command works : "RPNXY". Adding to it any other letter (eg. "RPNXYI", "RPNXYW", etc) doesn't give any response when panel is touched !!!

But still it is something wrong. The module cannot be completely blocked when "RPNXY" is activated. It also should be ready to print text on screen. So how to make it operational with touch screen ???


normal operation is when a user can at any time click/touch a certain area ("button") to enter for example "MENU" for further configuration


also at that time when the user doesn't touch anything there must be possible to print any communication message.

Now it looks that the module can work ONLY in "print" mode or "touch screen" mode. So when printing text is possible then touching is impossible and vice versa. This is completely stupid !

If your software is written this way so better announce it in the manual or module list of parameters what will save much time for people who want to use it.

RE:Touch commands vs. other commands

Check to see if your program sent terminal char after "RPNXY"? the display moudle should waiting one byte of data after "RPNXY" to determine how to read out the touch panel, like "I" means instant read, "W" means waiting a press and "C" means waiting a click(press then release).

Also, if you sent "RPNXYI" or "RPNXYC" or "RPNXYW", don't sent terminal char then(or any other byte), otherwise, the display will stop sending data back, this will cause you can't read data out in most case.

In C and C++, the function like Print("string") usually attach a terminal char after "string", this will cause the problem you have.

RE:Touch commands vs. other commands


my program is written in assembler so it DOESN'T send anything I do not want !! If in manual is written that I have to send ASCII codes of characters R P N X Y W (6 bytes)  then I do it exactly this way.

Maybe someone could look more carefully at your software because it seems that it contains hell of bugs.

So should I assume that this command simply is not operational ?


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