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1.8" v4 brightness.

Hi all,

I have a piece of equipment with 2 x 1.8" colour LCD's which are quite different in brightness. These are the v4 version of the display, does anyone know if there's a resistor feeding the backlight that can be altered on this model.

Regards Dave.


That could be at different backlight setting, the backlight can be adjust by Command "BLx"--x is a byte of value from 0~100.
Also could be the 2 LCDs backlight circuit, some times the backlight LEDs are different in different batch of products from LCD manufactory.

The output voltage of 662K near by FDN339 can affect the backlight brightness either, this 662K output a 3.3V voltage to backlight LEDs.


The brightness levels are different as the display goes through its boot routine so is definitely the backlight rather than a software setting. The voltage from the regulators is the same on both displays so it has to be LED variation. I guess I'll just have to put up with the difference.


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