Again I haven't given in with this EEPROM... Yes, using CoolTerm I can store and read data using WREP addr length data.

Till that moment it is OK. But when I store a few bytes then reading let's say 600 bytes it shows that these bytes are repeated every 255 positions.

Like the address counter rolls over every 256 addreses and reads again from zero.

On attached screenshot you can see an example. On "clean " EEPROM I have stored F0 F1 F2 AB starting from address 0000.

Then I read circa 750 bytes.

Firstly: what is this "Digole.com...." text ??

Secondly : how many bytes in fact are available, because the manual says that in version 4 there are 976 bytes available... so ?

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 PS. tell me please how to attach a picture....

ok, because I can't upload any picture, an explanation : these bytes which are stored at 0x0000 repeat at 0x0100, 0x200 and so on.

Writing at address 0x0100 new value causes that at 0x0000 also this new value is stored. So WHAT is going on ?

It looks that only the first 256 bytes are usable !!


So next story.... Having no success with EEPROM I have started trials with FLASH using FLMWR, FLMRD etc..

First of all could you give ANY information about REAL memory map ?? With addresses of each block. Looking at this unprecise picture at page 9

I assume that 5th block "free for user" starts at address 0x050000 if the whole FLASH starts at 0x000000. OK, so I have tried to store something

and then read at different addresses starting at 0x050000. CoolTerm has reported that it was stored. Yes indeed. But then on the screen there was

only a thick cyan line (5mm thick) and module has stopped operation. I have tried hard reset (yes, there was a letter "S") and then upgrading firmware

in slow and fast method. Nothing has happened. So what I can do ??????

I have tried another module, this time it works, I can store, read, erase. BUT after erasure a big green rectangle appers on the screen. When module is

switched off and then on this rectangle still remains on screen.... only CL command removes it . So what ? During normal operation when I need to store

some data do I have to refresh all the information on the screen ? Isn't it a nonsense ?