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Digole color LCD 168x128 1.8" via I2C mode problem

 Hello everyone,


I am using Digole color LCD 168x128 1.8" and need to communicate via I2C mode with Teensy 3.2. I have also connected SDA with A4 and SCL with A5 on Teensy. When I try to upload the program at this time, it upload successfully, but I can't see any effect on the LCD. what should I do?

Should I did any mistake? Below I attached short example code and I have already added library also. Please give me your suggestion.


Example code:


#include <DigoleSerial.h>

#include <Wire.h>

DigoleSerialDisp mydisp(&Wire,'\x27'); 

void setup() {




   mydisp.print('' Hello '');


void loop() {



RE:Digole color LCD 168x128 1.8

 I have found the solution. I did not connect a pull-up resistor, so this problem occurred. Now it is fixed. 

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