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Display unresponsive after completing calibration

 I have a DS320240CIPS-66T display, connected via SPI.  The firmware is 4.3.  When I start a calibration process, it completes but I observe the following:

1. If the display direction is rotated before I send "TUCHC", the calibration steps cannot be finished. It must be set to 0 degrees.

2. After I click the OK button on the screen, the display is unresponsive.  Your Youtube video ( shows the display restarting after completing calibration, but this does not happen. I have to turn the display off to recover it. Is this a bug? 

RE:Display unresponsive after completing calibration

1) yes, only at rotation 0 when doing calibration
2) If there is no response when clicking "OK", then the calibration is not correct, just replug the power, then recalibrate it again.



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