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Customer Testimonial



To anyone, professional or hobbyist; I would like to take a minute and tell you my experience with Digole. To simply put it Digole is second to none when it comes to displays, display adaptors, pricing and the biggest, support.  I switched to Digole display products because of the very simple to use comprehensive firmware. Through my product development Digole has supported me, produced custom firmware and even developed a custom product! On top of all this the prices are very fair. I recommend Digole to any newcomer or hobbyist to due to there great support. And anyone thinking of small to mid scale production could also benefit from the good pricing and ability to produce custom products.  

Thanks Digole for making my project possible!

Eric Yule


RE:Customer Testimonial

  Thank you Yule, we also launched another series of display, which let customer design program for that, and upgrade the on chip program very easy, this will make super flexible for user, We call that: Digole Smart Display Module.

  We also can develop user's program on DSDM with a little cost according your requirement!

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