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change contrast or brightness of 0.96" OLED mono display

how can I change the brightness of displayed graphics or characters on the DS12864OLED-2W 0.96" monochrome display using the arduino libraries? thanks

RE:change contrast or brightness of 0.96

 The brightness on OLED modules can't be changed by software.

RE:change contrast or brightness of 0.96

We bought 12864 OLED modules, but they have different birghtness.

So we should change it. 

If you know way to change the birightness of it. please let me know.(Available hardware)

RE:change contrast or brightness of 0.96

The brightness of this OLED can be adjusted by a resistor on PCB, you can find a resistor MARKed as 400K which a 910K resistor soldered, this resistor is the current controller for the pixels, replace it with lower value can make the panel brighter, but don't use too low value of it, that will shorten the OLED panel life rapidly.

Also, the brightness of OLED panel are vary depends on the manufacture and batch of production date, if you need same brightness in one order, please leave message with your payment to indicate it, then Digole will use same batch of panels to make your order. 

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