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about touch screen on DS320240CTFT_56T

 hi service

the screen i am using is version 2.8 (displayed on screen)

would you please tell me if touch screen system works fine on this version because 

there is noway to get a correct work  

i tryied it with uart at 9600 speed to 115200 , using polling mode, interrupt mode with penirq

without success , used calibration ...  and i have not yet tryied the SD card  system 

so if iti's just because i don't own the good version, i say ok

please tell me what screen reference  i must buy

what i want is 2.2' color screenscreen 320 X 240

                      touch screen with command RPNXYC working fine

                     sd card system ok

                 a manual up to date 

thanks a lot by advance


RE:about touch screen on DS320240CTFT_56T

 The touch screen should work without any problem on V2.8, if not, please check:

1) the program you designed to receive data from module, the module will send 4 bytes data back after "RPNXYC" command received and touch screen pressed down.

2) if you can't receive the data, please check the R8 resistor on the Moudle, it should be 0 ohm, if not, please short this resistor

3) this may no happened: there is cold soldering joint on the touch screen controller IC.

You can connect the TX and RX pin on your controller side to see if the RX can receive the data that you just send to TX, if not, the problem is on your controller side.

RE:about touch screen on DS320240CTFT_56T

hi service

 thanks for your advices

i am going to do the test you mean but could you telll me about sd card if it is usable ?




RE:about touch screen on DS320240CTFT_56T

 The on board MCU didn't do any thing for SD card, you need to control it by yourself.

RE:about touch screen on DS320240CTFT_56T

  hello service

so , if i understand,pins coming from or going to  SD card (CLK to sd , DO and DI , SD VCC) are direct to SD CARD  without control of pic mcu on board , are accessible for Host MCU ?

and i have to create the firmware ? i reach to use RPNXYI command with perfect works and no erratics values but it took many time 

on other hand  it may be better to buy an up to date card latest version with operationnal  touch screen and sd card ...

just let me know what  reference i have to order for a 2'2 or 2'4 DIGOLE module which meet touch screen,sd card and color screen ?




RE:about touch screen on DS320240CTFT_56T

 Yes, you are right, the on board PIC didn't connect to SD card, all pins from SD socket are break out to the header, you need control it by yourself.

There is no plance to embed SD card function into on board PIC, no memory space available in PIC now. If you data is not much large, you can use the 2M bytes on board flash memory, which is operated by on board PIC, and you also can save commands in the 2MB flash, then the module can run the commands set like that received via serial port.

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