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problems with 2.4" Serial: UART/I2C/SPI True Color IPS 320x240

I have a couple of displays from you guys and I love them, but I just recieve one of the 2.4" True color displays and I'm having a small problem..

Every time that I use the mydisp.print(string); command on Arduino I get the string with a double TT at the start on the display...

For example:

if I code mydisp.print("hello"); on the sketch it will shows on the display as:


If I add the mydisp.nextTextLine(); command it will show the string without the TT but it creates a whole clean row on the display.

I have use the code without problems on my other two displays and always get it right

what can be the problem here?

RE:problems with 2.4

 Please re-download the Digole's Arduino Lib.

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