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Trouble with using full 320x240 screen

I'm using the 320x240 IPS touch screen and am having trouble drawing at locations > 255. I'm running on a Photon over serial with a modified version of Timothy Brown's library.

Everything works fine if I stay below 255. I have modified my write function to send two bytes, 255 and value - 255 if the value is over 255. I've also tried calling DWWIN with 0,0,239,319 (sending 319 as two bytes of course), and it still won't let me go past 255.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! 

Here's my write function just in case it looks off, but I believe it's correct:

    size_t write(uint8_t value) {
      if (value >= 255) {
        _mySerial->write(value - 255);
      } else {
      return 1; // assume sucess

RE:Trouble with using full 320x240 screen

 Did you change the drawing direction after setting a drawing window? there is a bug after changing direction if the drawing window not full screen on firmware version of V3.2 and ealier, you need change direction first, then set the draw window.

RE:Trouble with using full 320x240 screen

 I haven't changed the drawing window or set a direction at all. Do I need to do that, or are you saying there's a bug if I do that?

RE:Trouble with using full 320x240 screen

 Change "uint8_t value" to "unsigned int value", the uint8_t is "unsigned char", the value only be 0~255

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