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Arduino + Digole OLED160x128 i2c no work.

Good day!

I2c no work... I  upload sketch I2C scanner in Arduino. 

Scanner result

No I2C devices found
Default address 0x27. Digole display show address 0xFF.
I tried to use the command SI2CA0x27. No result.
The display should remember the address after a reboot?

RE:Arduino + Digole OLED160x128 i2c no work.

 You need to use the current I2C address in your sketch (0xFF on yours) when initiate the I2C first, then send change I2C address command.

Your module's I2C address was changed to 0xFF before.

RE:Arduino + Digole OLED160x128 i2c no work.

 Strangely, I did not change the address. I have edited the source code it worked.

Thanks for the help.
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