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Actual size allowed for each user font

I had thought there was 4K allocated for each user font, from the 16K NVRAM on the panels, but how does the Welcome screen also fit into that space?

I have a user font I created and it's size when converted (the byte array) ends up being 4059 bytes. When I try to send that array and size to the display panel, I get a message printed that the data is too long. What is the maximum size of a font that can be sent to the display panel?




RE:Actual size allowed for each user font

 Welcome screen occupy 2KB, and the rest for 4 user fonts, each about 3.5KB, if your user font over 3.5KB, you can use 2,3 or 4 adjacent, means: if you download a font to user font 200, you can use all 14KB space.

RE:Actual size allowed for each user font

I had read that each font needs to start on a 4K boundry, is this correct? If you are using 2K for the welcome screen and then each font is given 3.5K, I'm not sure how that would work. Is the welcome screen always at the start of the 16K memory space? User fonts don't seem to be placed according to their sizes since I load 4 fonts, the first 3 are much smaller than 3.5K and the last (loaded at user font 203) is the 4K font. I get the 'data too large' on that font. That tends to suggest that fonts are loaded at specific memory address in this 16K.

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