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micro SD slot usable?

I noticed that there is an are reserved on the back or the 1.8" OLED DS160128COLED-35 for a micro SD slot. Is this funtional if I were to solder a slot to the pins? What would the command set be to have the LCD retrieve BitMap from SD and display on screen (didn't see it in the PDF manual)?



RE:micro SD slot usable?

 Just reserved for further use, not function right now.

RE:micro SD slot usable?

So I see that as expected the SD Micro card is connected to the PICs SPI lines, is there any chance that the source code for the OLED display could be provided so someone could code in their own SD Card support? What would it potentially take to obtain the source and write the additional SD Card command support?

RE:micro SD slot usable?

 Please provide input on this. The ability to read bitmaps from the Micro SD card would be very handy since I drive these off of wearables with Arduino Nanos that don't have the capacity.

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