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Tips to increase the brightness of 160128 True Color Serial OLED

There is a way to increase the brightness of Digole serial 160128 color OLED module:

The driver voltage of this panel can be 10V to 21V, Digole use a PWM DC/DC converter to get this voltage from power input, and set the voltage at 11.9V,  this voltage is depends on the resistors: R8 (470K) and R10(43K), the reference voltage on DC/DC chip is 1V, so the output voltage can be calculate like this:

Vout= (R8+R10)/R10= (470K+43K)/43K * 1V= 11.9V.

In order to increase the brightness, you need increase the driver voltage, the safe driver voltage is under 18V, if you decrease the R10 to 27K, the driver voltage will up to 18V and make the panel more brightness than before, 36K on R10 seems to be good enough.

Of course, it need more power to be supplied to increase the brightness,

RE:Tips to increase the brightness of 160128 True Color Serial OLED

 Is there an option for the 1.3" 128x64 oled white? Except the function setContrast?

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