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esp8266 uart or SPI or I2C

 Hey Digole,

I just recieved my first ever OLED 

1.8" Serial: UART/I2C/SPI True Color TFT 160x128 Module(CN) DS160128CTFT-46

I am connecting it to a Nodemcu ver 0.9 to display the temperature of my wood stove from a thermocouple on the SPI bus. As this is my first OLED project what should I choose to start with ? 

Uart/SPI or 12C 

In the future I would love the dispaly to be an actual temperature gauge. This project will be on my blog with lings to your site :) 

Jeff in Ontario 

RE:esp8266 uart or SPI or I2C

 ESP8266 support all UART/I2C/SPI mode, the simplest way is use UART, it's only need 1 data wire and 1 ground wirte.

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