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Screen buffer & bios

Hi I have a 160x128 Module(CN) DS160128CTFT-46  v3.1
I'm using this with I2C via a Arduino 5V Pro Micro, nice little display - but I have two questions

1) Can I update the BIOS for this device to 3.3 (or latest), if so, what are the advantages?
2) Is there a screen buffer? Clearing and re-writing the display is very slow.
Refresh screen instantly(FS0/1) does not appear to have any effect (V3.2 V3.3) is there any equivalent option for V3,1 so that I can reduce flicker?
My display shows a dynamic  list (font and spacing changes), and I have found that the cleanest way to refresh is to overwrite from the bottom and redraw from the top - not nice!

Also, sometimes when I power up I get a cross-hair, as though it's trying to calibrate a touch screen!

Thanks in advance
kind regards


RE:Screen buffer & bios

1) firmware on the module can't be upgraded.

2)Screen buffer only available on mono module, means "FS0/1" only used on mono module too.

3) the module can handle a refesh rate up to 5 fps, can't handle vedio rate.

4) if you want clear an area, use draw rectangle, or use "xor" mode to draw the exsisting content.

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