1. SPI mode frozen: only for Color OLED 160x128 module + V2 PCB(Gold plated): user need to add a 3.2K~5.1K series resistor in CLK if your controller is operate at 5V and using SPI mode.


  1. For all Serial display modules with flash chip: if the firmware was upgrade able (the firmeare version was 3.5B/3.6B/3.7B/3.8B/3.9B), the module may entered in bootloader when cold power on, and the screen stay blank, but it work if power ON/OFF/ON, the problem was caused by firmware developping tool when it compile the code, this problem only for modules with flash chip and upgrade able firmware,  we have been released the new firmware "V3.9C" with a patch for such modules, we SUGGEST ALL USER who have these to upgrade the firmware to "V3.9C".
  2. V3.7B don't support "Winbond" flash chip very well, please upgrade the firmware to V3.8B. Firmware can be download from here: www.digole.com/fw
  3. V3.5/V3.6, "set text postion offset:ETO" can't accept negative value, fixed on V3.7, if your module is V3.5B or V3.6B, you can upgrade the firmware at your field, ask us for the firmware by sending email to: service@digole.com, indicate the name of module. We also will upload the files to our server later.
  4. V3.3: In SPI mode, the module switched to SPI mode 2 by accident, user need to set the idle state of clock at high logical level. It supposed be mode 0, this problem fixed in V3.4 and newer firmare. Please refer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_Peripheral_Interface_Bus
  5. Write data to MCU flash, always erase a 64 bytes block first, if some data aready in this block, it will be lost, this bug will be fixed since V3.

 Please report bugs here, then we will investigate it.

Thanks for every bug reports!