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1.8 OLED Module v3.4a in I2C


I was using the "old version" of that display in I2C and it was working perfectly.

I ordered 10 more displays recently, that arrived in version 3.4a.

I downloaded the new library, and when I try to run the ColorGraphicLCDAdapterDemo, with a #define _Digole_Serial_I2C_ like I was doing before, I'm stuck on  the welcome screen and nothing happens.

Is there a problem with I2C / 3.4a / new library ?


Best regards


RE:1.8 OLED Module v3.4a in I2C

Hi Yves, sorry about the problem you have, can you tell me what material plated on the PCB? is that solder plated or gold plated?

RE:1.8 OLED Module v3.4a in I2C

It's solder plated.

RE:1.8 OLED Module v3.4a in I2C

 We double checked the module with V3.4, didn't found any issue on I2C, just wondering if you short the "I2C" jumpers on the PCB? what contents display on the screen when powered on?

RE:1.8 OLED Module v3.4a in I2C

Ohhh ! I'm so sorry :(

I completely forgot I had to solder that jumper, since I made the first prototype...

Sorry again for my mistake and thanks a lot for your quick answer.

Have a nice day


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