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GUI editor tool suggestion

It would be incredibly useful to have a tool where a user could lay out simple objects such as text, rectangles, circles, etc. on the display, along with their coordinates, to be used as the basis for a GUI.  These could be used as buttons, indicators, etc.  A user could lay out all the "fixed" elements and have the tool put out an array of HEX or ASCII commands that could be programmed to the onboard flash of the latest displays.  The tool could also be used to display the x,y position of a cusor for placement of the "live" elements in the user code.  Aids like displaying the x,y,w,h of an on-screen rectangle for placing a display window in the user code would be great.  You get the idea.



RE:GUI editor tool suggestion

 Thanks for your suggestions.

RE:GUI editor tool suggestion

Think i saw someting of other brand think it was Hexion. Check youtube.

RE:GUI editor tool suggestion

It's Nextion.

Easy editor. Select background, or welcome screen file. Use it, object, logic all.




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