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DSDM(Digole Smart Display Modules) Docs/Sample Code Download Page

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Smart display modules are available here
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How to install MPLAB IDE and Hi-tech C compiler
DSDM Hardware Specifications
DSDM Programmer Manual
Download "digole.h" file, we will keep updating this file without notice

What is DSDM? 

 Digole Smart Display Module (DSDM) which embedded the firmware to control the on board display, the embedded API can display characters, draw line, circle and other graphic functions, it also can control the backlight, display contrast, put module to sleep and more, the font structure is compatible with u8glib, you can use all u8glib font on DSDM.
User can download themself software via UART port to DSDM, get full control to the module, all futures on PIC18F26K20 are available to user.

Sample Code: Simple Function (Developing Env: MPLAB X + Hitech C18) 
 "Hello World!"  Show "Hellow World!" on DSDM screen, Download the Source Code,  The .HEX File which you can download to DSDM
 Digital I/O
 Very simple, read from pin, output negative on other pin
 Keyboard  Show how to get keypress read to module
 18B20 Temperature Sensor Code  Show you how to operate a Dallas 18B20 Temperature sensor, display the temperature on the DSDM screen, Download the Source Code,  The .HEX File which you can download to DSDM
 Using Interrupt  Show how to use interrupt,Download the Source Code,  The .HEX File which you can download to DSDM
 PWM Backlight Control
 The backlight is connect on PWM0, you can use PWM0 to control the backlight
 A/D conversion
 Show how to make a A/D conversion
 RTC Clock
 Show how to use DS1307 as RTC
Sample Code: Complex Project
Serial UART/I2C/SPI display Commands compatible with Digole Serial Display, some commands unavailable, download the Source Code, or .Hex File
Digital Oscilloscope 4 chanels digital oscilloscope, sample speed, trig chanel and trig type are adjustable, Download the Source Code, Download .HEX file
Analog Oscilloscope  
Electronic Component Tester  in developing, coming soon



RE:DSDM Docs/Sample Code Download Page

We will share more sample program with all of you soon

Help with font change


i have an Electric Imp driving 

0.96" Serial: UART/I2C/SPI 128x64 OLED Module Blue CN (DS12864OLED-2B)

i am setting the font with simple UART


display.configure(9600, 8, PARITY_NONE, 1, NO_RX);
display.write("CL"); display.write(0x01); //Clear display
display.write("SF"); display.write(0x01); display.write(0x01); //Set font 6,10,18,51,120,123,0

I read the set font from the documentation the font change (see below) but this does not seem to change the font for me.

Can you recommend for me how to change the font?  Thank you

Documentation notes:

Set Font, follow by the font number, preloaded font 
number is: 6,10,18,51,120,123,0(default), user font 
number is 200,201,202,203 maps to 4 user font 
memory sections, you can combine adjacent sections 
together is the font size >4kb(each section has 4kb in size)


RE:DSDM Docs/Sample Code Download Page

 If you want to use font 10, send command:

display.write("SF"); display.write(10); (or  display.write(0x0A);  ) ....


RE:DSDM Docs/Sample Code Download Page

Thank you!

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