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V4.0V: (Feb 2017) avaible on most of Color LCD display modules, intruduced a new command "VIDEO" to accept raw video data showed in a video box on the screen, now you can read the video data from a Cam, convert it to display accept format, then send to display, the Cam's video will show on the display now, offcourse, you need high speed system to be the bridge between Cam and the display!

V4.0: (Feb 2017)Some user told us: if send read command (eg: read data from the on board flash, eeprom, read touch panel, read battery voltage...), if the controller not read out the accurate byte of data(may be the program wrong on controller or restart the controller by keep power on), the continue reading will lost synchronized(because the module still waiting the controller read data out), in the new version, we will let our module analyze the input of data. 
eg. in this version, if you send a command to read N bytes, but you only read out <N bytes, the module will skip to send out the rest of bytes smartly.
and More new futures...

V3.9C: (17-Dec 2016)only for module has Flash chip installed, the old version has a bug on bootloader, cause the display blank when cold power on most of time(it acctully entered in upgrade mode by error), but work if power ON/OFF/ON in few seconds.

V3.9B:(6-Dec 2016), accelerate the speed(about 5x than V3.8B) to display image from Flash chip(see the demo here on youtube), added new command "DLY"-hold the display out put, then delay a period (a byte value 1~255, delay 0.25~64s), this version will let you make a tiny digital photo frame easy(instruction here)! We also added "FTOB": set front color to background that will let you use 262K color as back that required by some user.

V3.8B: upgrade able FW for flash chip display modules:
Fixed bugs to support "Winbond" flash chips, it support brands of ("Microchip","BergMicro" and "Winbond") up to 16MB now, user can replace the onboard flash chip to the capacity that wanted.

V3.7B upgrade able FW:
Support "Winbond" and "SST" flash chips, fixed "ETO" bug, improved Touch screen function than V3.5A/B