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SPI with Teensy 3.6 Arduino

i work with teensy 3.6
Test your Display 2,4" touch
All is OK
but SPI dont work
I have you Test_All_Funktion

Display version >3.4 ( Is new )

from Demo CODE "Test_All_Funktion"
#define LCDWidth 240  //define screen width,height
#define LCDHeight 320
#define _Digole_Serial_SPI_  //To tell compiler compile the special communication only,

//--------SPI setup
#if defined(_Digole_Serial_SPI_)
DigoleSerialDisp mydisp(8, 9, 10, 11); //SPI:Pin 8: data, 9:clock, 10: SS, 11:SI. you can assign 255 to SS, and hard ground SS pin on module

Can you help me



RE:SPI with Teensy 3.6 Arduino

Hi Positiv,

First, please add a pull down resistor on SDO on display (or SDI on your Teensy):

To read out data from the display on SPI, it is little tricky, there is no standard way to let the slave side(the display) to inform the master side (your Teensy) that the data on slave are ready to read out, so, we designed a special sequence to do it, and this way need to operate the SPI port directly by MCU, so, if the lib for Arduino is working at SPI, not means it works on other MCU.

If any user has success by using our display with Teensy on SPI, please help!

RE:SPI with Teensy 3.6 Arduino

 Hi, is there any solution how I can get teensy 3.6 and TFT 2.4 work together with SPI. With arduino uno or due works great but with teensy I can´t get it work??? Any idea???

RE:SPI with Teensy 3.6 Arduino

 Ic2 works :) but still  I dont´t understand what´s wrong with SPI??? and the display was 2.6" TFT not 2.4 like I told before if does it matter...(v3.5)

RE:SPI with Teensy 3.6 Arduino

 ok, now SPI works some how.... but some command disapeare. Program won´t work same as like it worked on arduino uno... some pixel error etc... any idea where´s problem? Is Teensy SPI too fast or something???

RE:SPI with Teensy 3.6 Arduino

 ...and I answer to my self... when you drop CPU speed 180Mhz to 48Mhz everything works fine... but I don´t know is there better salutions??? anyone???

RE:SPI with Teensy 3.6 Arduino

According to your description, the issue you have is sending the data to the display too fast, the display only have 2K receiving buffer, and also need time to interpret the data received then do the work, if data sent to the display too fast and much, the receiving buffer will overflowed then lost data.

You need to put some delay between each bulk of data sending out. 

RE:SPI with Teensy 3.6 Arduino

 Ok, How I´m gonna do that. I want to keep CPU speed to 180Mhz but also I don´t wanna put any delays on the code because it´s slowers timers and other calculations. How can I just slower SPI so the display keeps going on? or is it possible? Sorry I´m noobie :( 

RE:SPI with Teensy 3.6 Arduino

You can let the MCU do other task in the delay time.

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