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Digole C Display Driver (Linux)

Hi Folks,

 I wrote a small display driver and test program for C (Linux/Ubuntu). It uses a TTL to USB serial adapter but it should be portable to any small micro with only replacing a few routines. The project and source-code details can be found here:


Merry Christmas!




RE:Digole C Display Driver (Linux)

Hi Folks,


I also updated the code to have a better test suite and made a TODO list.

I am hoping someone from Digole will read the suggestions for better capabilities in TODO.


Best regards



RE:Digole C Display Driver (Linux)

 Thank you very much James!

RE:Digole C Display Driver (Linux)

You're welcome!

FYI, I just added SPI support for Raspberry Pi.

I will add I2C when I get some free time and I also ported to Microchip PIC.



RE:Digole C Display Driver with Microchip

 I would like to use this display using I2C and Microchip PIC.  Did you ever get your driver to work for this combination?


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