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Create Button with text

Hi any idea how to make buttons on touch display with text values on the button? I neet to draw 8 buttons with temerature and the buttons will switch on / off relay by Artuino.

I draw the filled drawBow() but text is not centred on the button.

thank you for any idea



RE:Create Button with text

 What I normally do is I use custom fonts that I know the exact widths of all the characters. I keep a data structure of character font width and have a function that takes a string and will return the number of pixels that string will take. I use that value, with some simple median math to figure out how to place it if I want it centered. i.e. Get the width in pixels, divide by two, then subtract that from the center X position of your button. The result of this calculation would be the X position to draw your string.


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