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I2C conection problem ips 320x240 2,6" V5


I got about 2 month ago the ips display. Now I like to connect it to the Arduino Mega. Only the start display apear, I2C adress 0x27 Ver. 4 with the Digole.com sign.

I tried all examples from the driver package, but no program is working. I searched this forum, but now real help. I could found, some topics could be the possibility, but this solved with the support and no discribtion, how.

The last, what I did, try a I2C scanner. This finds sometimes the display sometimes not on adress 0x27. Sometimes I get get an error with a different adress and between the program stoped. Now I used a realtime clock on I2C and there was no problem. At the moment it seams to me, the display, has a problem. In the next time, I don't have the possibility, to test with other hardware. The bridge I made for the I2C connection. Even I soldered some welding points.

I hope, somebody can help, to find the solution.



RE:I2C conection problem ips 320x240 2,6

 Did you change the #define line on sample code? the default serial is UART, you need to change:

#define _Digole_Serial_UART_


#define _Digole_Serial_I2C_

if you want to use I2C serial.

RE:I2C conection problem ips 320x240 2,6

 Yes, I changed to: _I2C_. But it isn't the solution.

Another information, the cable length for I2C is about 10cm.

RE:I2C conection problem ips 320x240 2,6

 After I tried some more, I could get it running with an example - walking man. The I2C scanner is working perfect now. I changed the power supply from 5V to 3.3V at the Arduino Mega. As I could read, the power supply can be between 3 - 7V. Before I used the Mega with other displays without problems.

Do you have any idea, what can be the reason? 


RE:I2C conection problem ips 320x240 2,6

 You may try the pull up resistor on SDA and SCL.

RE:I2C conection problem ips 320x240 2,6

 This, I didn`t do. I will test it the next time and let you know. Thanks for your great support.

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