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Startup colours on DS9664COLED-20

Hi there!

Is there anyway to prevent the full-screen R G B startup pages when the OLED is given power?

Additionally, is there any way to set the initial contrast? It appears to start up at full brightness which is not so nice if you turn it on in a darker environment.



RE:Startup colours on DS9664COLED-20

Yes Tene,

The command of "DC0" will disable the Color Pixel test and show the communication mode.

The command of "DSS0" can disable the start screen when power up.

The contrast when powering up is at maximum, you need send command to change it, but:

we can customize the firmware for all customer if the quantity of order more than 49pcs.

RE:Startup colours on DS9664COLED-20

Brillant, both DC0 and DSS0 worked perfectly.

I can just set the contrast low on startup, seeing as the display now starts completely black, that works a treat.



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