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setPrintPos problems

 I am using a 128x64 Universal module with v1.0 firmware. It is mounted to a LCM12864C-1 GLCD. Connection to an Arduino is SPI. Mostly it works, but I am having a problem with the setPrintPos command when drawing text. It does not work. The Y ordinate is respected but the X ordinate is completely ignored. setPrintPos(0,0) goes to home as expected. setPrintPos(0,Y) goes to the start of line Y as expected. setPrintPos(X,y) goes nowhere for any value of X other than 0. The text insertion point remains where it was prior to the command.

This problem persists whether I use the old libraries or the new ones. Changing fonts does not fix the problem either. Curiously the sample LCDGraphic program works. Mostly this program sets the text input position to the start of a line which works for me too, but one part of the program scrolls the word "Hello". To do this it issues setPrintPos in a loop while varying the X ordinate. This works on my adapter and GLCD. My code is EXACTLY the same as the sample code but it will not work.

Maybe some kind of setup issue but I cannot see where that may be.

After many hours wasted I am about to bin the adapter as a piece of junk and waste of money.

Does anyone have any idea of what may be the problem.


RE:setPrintPos problems

John, we are not able to support too earlier version now, but even in the new version of firmware, if the selected font doesn't include the space character, the X position may not work properly, because the width of character is counted according the width of space character, please check your code to see if this is the problem.

RE:setPrintPos problems

Hello! ...jfitter..... ...maybe the last value have to be "1" ( printpos(x,y,1) ), maybe it will work after! Hope it helps! Marc 

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