Hey guys,

Ordered and got this display very fast, thank you very much.

I am trying to get some of the examples working in arduino but am running into some issues. I have the display hooked up as follows: 

VCC - 5V 

SCL - SCL (Pin 21 on the Mega)

SDA - SDA (Pin 20 on the Mega)


I have the jumper bridged on the back of the unit. When I power it on, I get three color screens and a welcome splash screen that shows my I2C address as 0x27 and V4.15. 

THE PROBLEM: I can't get any of the sketches to work. I have defined the communication method as I2C using the #define as indicated at the top of the sketches. I have also tried using an I2C scanner to try and find the unit, but it seems that it actually freezes every scanner I use when I plug it in, and doesn't return any address. 

Is there something i'm missing?