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Digole LCD 220x176 2.2" won't start


Got this problem i cant figure out.

Using the display with I2C wire lib, when powering up the arduino the display goes just white.., If I reset power to just the display, it starts 

up, and executes the arduino program perfect, reset of arduino is ok, but if i power off,, same problem


Anyone got some ideon how to solve these ???



RE:Digole LCD 220x176 2.2 doesn't work completely

 I have received  2 TFT LCD:

1.8" DS160128CTF46  it works immedialtely

2.2" DS220176CTFT-46 ==> It is white when I powwer it and  the only instruction that works is the backlight setup ! (0% to 100%)


What is the issue?



RE:Digole LCD 220x176 2.2

 same thing here, tried an 2.4

and that worked straight away, with same

hw and code..

bios problem???


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