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Fixed width font for 2.6" Serial:UART/I2C/SPI IPS Super TFT LCD 320x240

I am wanting to use one line with large fixed width numbers but I need a space character of the same width.  This allows me to blank leading zeros and update the numbers without them jumping around on the line, which is annoying.

It appears that font 123 has the numbers that I need plus a few other characters, none of which are the same width as the numbers!

Do I need to modify font 123 to create the fixed width space?  I don't see this particular font (u8g_font_osr35n) that I can download from github.

Is there an easier way to accomplish what I want?


RE:Fixed width font for 2.6

 You may need to create a fixed width font, the easy way is to use your computer software to create an image which contain the numbers and space you want with same width, then use our online tool to make yourself custom font.

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