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160x128 Color LCD Python Drivers

 The basic Python 3 driver for the 160 x 128 LCD can be installed via pip. The driver may work with other screens but I don't have any to test.



RE:160x128 Color LCD Python Drivers

Thank you very much for your contributions!

RE:160x128 Color LCD Python Drivers

Bl@st! i have been working several days on a micropython port  from scratch... Well, I learned a lot from it, I guess.


Service: In the comments in the code I am citing from your user manual. Without your permission, this counts as copyright violation. Would you kindly have a look at it and tell me if I may keep it this way? The documentation that is extracted from the code can be found at github.com/WimWWimW/touchScreen/wiki It's all pretty premature still, but it will grow more professional the coming time.

RE:160x128 Color LCD Python Drivers

Thank you all friends for all contrubutions, any body can cite the contents from our manual, Digole didn't keep copyright of all information on the manual.

RE:160x128 Color LCD Python Drivers

Hi..I like to hookup a TFT 320x240 2.4" display to a STM32F429. Using and SF-TC240T-9370-T it seem pretty straight forward as this is also used on the 429 discovery board. However it uses a full parallel RGB interface together with the serial interface for interfacing using the LCD controller that is in the STM32F429.

turnkey pcb assembly

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