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Font code 123 (and making a similar 7 segment font for digits)


I note from a reply to another post that font 123 only contains digits 0 to 9. I have found that this font does not respond to the Set Text Position (TP) command that other fonts do. Is this because this is a, so called, 'monospaced font'? I ask as I want to produce a similar font but in a 7-segment style. I have successfully created a font and up loaded it to the display but encounter an alignment issue on digits 1 and 7 caused by the online converter placing the red line close to the left hand edge of these digits. There doesn't seem to be a method of adding padding space before these digits in the same way that font 123 has so that when one digit overwrites another the original digit isn't partially shown. I would welcome any comments!

RE:Font code 123 (and making a similar 7 segment font for digits)

Hi Andy,
The font driver in the firmware use the size of space in the font's data to determine the font's characters, and the font-123 in the flash doesn't contain space, so the TP will not work properly.
Please use on free online tool to test your custom font:


Just copy the font data in any one of the user font box, and in commands list, set to user standard font to that user font, then print characters in the font, CLICK  "Show Design".

We also provide a free online tool to create custom font, the steps are here:


RE:Font code 123 (and making a similar 7 segment font for digits)

Thanks for your quick reply!

I have successfully used the online font generator and tested it in the emulator as you describe. The problem that I have relates to creating a space or blank padding before certain digits (notably 1 and 7). The converter places the red line right up to the left hand edge of these digits even if some space is added in the image file of the digits uploaded. This results in, eg. the digit 1 not completely overwriting an existing digit. I guess one way round this is to print a blank space over each digit before a new digit is printed, although this is not really ideal!

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