Downloading link:
XDOS 2021.6.4 install:
1) disable "secure boot” in BIOS if have
2) install windows 10
3) install XDOS
4) copy black list files(cal.sli, csl.sli) to: C:\Program Files(86)\Mercedes-Benz\Xentry\llist
5) copy patch: XentryAPI.DLL to C:\windows\SysWOW64 or C:\System32
6) run key loader for configassit 64bit.reg or key loader for configassist 32bit.reg
7) disable windows defender
8) run XDOS configassist, then copy hardware ID
9) run Xentry advanced Keygen, close the window 4 times
10) input the HWID in Keygen, change expired date, input LIC number: 11, generate key
11) copy the key to manual input in configassist
12) copy 4 files from login removal patch to …../Xentry/bin
13) to prevent the lose of key after rebooting: go: C:/ProgramData/LicDir, change the lic_key_2.dat as "READ ONLY"
Vediamo 5.1.1 install:
1) run Vediamo Setup as Administrator
2) copy 4 files in patch folder to Vediamo’s folder
3) run Vediamo, it will show the registration dialog.
4) run vediamo keygen, copy the hardware ID from 3) and name to the keygen
5) copy the key from 4) to 3), register software
DTS Monaco install:
1) run DTS-setup as Admin
2) run the patch
EWA install:
1) upgrade windows to Pro/enterprise
2) run EWA 2017 in disk B1: /ewa/setup.exe as Admin
3) after install success, use EWA-WIS-EPC keygen to get the key, and input into the EWA server
4) install database for WIS and EPC from other disk image. update database if you have newer image
5) run texteditor as admin
6) open files “EWA\server\conf\server.xml”,”EWA/config/core_cfg.xml”,”EWA/config/epc_cfg.xml”,”EWA/config/wis_cfg.xml", search “9000” replace to “9001” or other number, if 
has dedicated ip, change to “localhost" “9000” not working any more 
7) restart EWA server, open URL=“http://localhost:9001/EWA-net, use “admin”, pw “admin”, change pw to “12345” you want
8) change the access authorization of the exist group, add “admin” as an user in the tab of “Administration”
9) use “JAVA control” to add “http://localhost:9001” as trusted site
10) WIS/EPC language can be changed under “option”->”setup”