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V2 Universal Serial:UART/IIC/I2C/SPI Adapter for 128x64 LCD DS12864LCD-UNA-V2

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This Serial:UART/I2C/SPI Adapter can drive 128*64 dots LCD which on board controller is ST7920/KS0108/ST7565,
BACKLIGHT adjustable from 0%~100%
Easy to use. Automatic detect ST7920, KS0108 and ST7565 (SPI) chip, no setting needed in most of case, also support ST7565 Parallel mode.
Firmware upgrade able

The demo video on youtube

Design the interface on our display by using online tool in few minutes




  • Automatically detect ST7920(Parellel mode only), KS0108 and ST7565 (SPI), no config needed
  • Also support ST7565 Parallel mode by using "SLCD3" command following with 8 bytes init parameters
  • Power Supply: 4.85V to 5.5V (for 5V LCD display) or 3.3V to 7.5V (for 3.3V LCD display)
  • Power consumption of adapter:2mA @ 5.0V
  • Communication mode: UART/I2C/SPI, detect your setting automatically
  • Receiving buffer: 256 bytes
  • Work with all microcontroller and microprocessor
  • Communication signal can work on 3.3V and 5.0V TTL
  • Default setting: UART baud 9600bps, I2C 0x27 address
  • UART baud (bps): 300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 28800, 38400, 57600, 115200, 203400, 406800.
  • Driving Pixels: 128x64
  • Product size: (WxHxD):52x34x3.1mm (2.0X1.35x0.12")
  • Simple command sets, easy to remember
  • Graphics engine integrated, draw Line, Circle, Rectangle, can set pattern for Line (Dot, Dash...)
  • 7 preloaded fonts, font’s data structure full compatible with U8Glib
  • 4 uploadable user fonts, can display any characters and graph very simple
  • Draw characters or graph in 4 direction
  • Back light can be adjusted by software
  • 3 individual out put pins with High current sink/source 25 mA/25 mA, can drive LED/relay and more
  • ~900 bytes eeprom for data, 16K bytes flash for splash screen and user font



Arduino code for above screen:

* compiled code size is about 5K
#define _Digole_Serial_UART_  //To tell compiler compile the special communication only,
//other available is: _Digole_Serial_I2C_ and _Digole_Serial_SPI_
#include <DigoleSerial.h>
//--------UART setup, if you don't use UART, use // to comment following line
DigoleSerialDisp mydisp(&Serial, 9600); //UART:Pin 1(TX)on arduino to RX on module
//--------I2C setup, if you don't use I2C, use // to comment following 2 lines
//#include <Wire.h>
//DigoleSerialDisp mydisp(&Wire,'\x27');  //I2C:SDA (data line) is on analog input pin 4, and SCL (clock line) is on analog input pin 5
//--------SPI setup, if you don't use SPI, use // to comment following line
//DigoleSerialDisp mydisp(8,9,10);  //SPI:Pin 8: data, 9:clock, 10: SS, you can assign 255 to SS, and hard ground SS pin on module

void setup() {
    mydisp.setMode('!'); //set graphic Drawing Mode to NOT
     mydisp.drawHLine(0, 31, 127); //draw horizontal LiNe
    mydisp.setPrintPos(0, 31, 1); //Set Graphic position
    for (uint8_t i = 1; i <= 127; i = i + 6) //this loop will draw sin graph
        mydisp.drawLineTo(i, (uint8_t) (32 - (float) (sin(i * 3.14 / 63)*28)));
    mydisp.setMode('C'); //set graphic Drawing Mode to COPY
    mydisp.setLinePattern(0xaa);  // set line pattern as dots
    mydisp.drawLine(0, 0,127,0);  //draw 4 horizontal dot lines
    mydisp.drawLine(0, 15,127,15);
    mydisp.drawLine(0, 47,127,47);
    mydisp.drawLine(0, 63,127,63);
    mydisp.drawStr(10, 0, "SIN Singal");
    delay(300);  //for ST7920, due to this kind of display is slower thant others
    for (uint8_t i = 0; i <= 127; i +=16 ) //this loop will draw vertical lines and Coordinate values
        mydisp.drawVLine(i,0,63);  //draw one vertival line use pattern 0x72 (dash)
        mydisp.setRotation(1);    //rotate to 90 degree
        mydisp.setTextPosAbs(32, 127-i+3);  //set text position as pixel
        mydisp.print(i);          //draw Coordinate value
        mydisp.undoRotation();    //set rotation back to 0
        delay(100);               // for ST7920 or other slow LCD
void loop() {

Connect with your master circuit:

  Because the ST7565 chip used widely in 12864 LCD panels, and it’s very flexible of configuration, you need set at least 8 bytes of init parameters, if the ST7565 (SPI) not working well with this adapter, please use command “SLCD2” following by 8 bytes of init parameters also:

Download Programing Manual
Download Arduino lib and demo code
Other lib and sample code

Online tools:

Convert image to Digole(u8g) user fonts
All other online tools from Digole

Watch Arduino Demo Code Video on Youtube

Digole Serial Display List

Model Matix Product Size(WxHxT mm) View Size(mm) Display Technology Backlight Weight(g) Touch
2~16MB Flash
Monochrome Display Module
DS24064LCD-1 240x64 150x57x14 113x30 (4.6") B/W Transflective LCD NO 120    
DS240160LCD-7 240x160 88x75x9.3 67.2x36(3")

4 Gray Scale
Transflective LCD

White,Adjustable 55    
DS12864LCD-7 128x64 82x52x6 71x35.5 (3.1") B/W Transflective LCD NO 30    
DS12864LCD-6 128x64 72x49x9 61x30.5 (2.7") B/W Transflective LCD Yellow-Green 23    
DS12864LCD-5 128x64 58.6x39.5x11.5 48.6x24.5 B/W Transflective LCD White 23    
DS12864LCD-4 128x64 46x40x6 42x21 (1.8") B/W Transflective LCD White 9    
DS160120LCD-51(F) 160x120 52x52x7.5 40.5x30.5(2.0") B/W Transflective LCD White,Adjustable 23   Optional
DS12864OLED-3W 128x64 34x30x5 30x15 (1.3") OLED-White - 5    
DS12864OLED-3B 128x64 34x30x5 30x15 (1.3") OLED-Blue - 5    
DS12864OLED-2W 128x64 30x30x5 22x11 (0.96") OLED-White - 4    
DS12864OLED-2B 128x64 30x30x5 22x11 (0.96") OLED-Blue - 4    
DS9696OLED-G 96x96 31x33x4.5 20.7x20.7(1.12") OLED-Green - 5    
DS12864LCD-UNA 128x64 Universal LCD Adapter for most KS0108, ST7920 and ST7565 LCD controller 3
Color Display Module
DS9664COLED-20 96xRGBx64 31x29x4.4 20x13.3 (0.96") OLED-RGB 65K Color  - 4.5    
DS160128COLED-46(F) 160xRGBx128 53x38x5 36x28.7 (1.8") OLED-RGB 262K Color - 12    Optional
DS160128CTFT-46 160xRGBx128 53x38x5.7 36x28.7(1.8") TFT LCD -RGB 262K Color


14    Optional
DS320240CTFT-51(F) 320xRGBx240 62.5x36.7x5.4 41.5x31.1(2") TFT LCD-RGB 262K Color Adjustable 16    Optional 
DS220176CTFT-56 220xRGBx176 61x44x5.7 43.5x34.8(2.2") TFT LCD -RGB 262K Color Adjustable 15    
DS320240CTFT-56(TF) 320xRGBx240 61x44x5.7 43.5x34.8(2.2") TFT LCD -RGB 262K Color Adjustable 16  Optional Optional
DS320240CIPS-61(TF) 320xRGBx240 70x43x5.6 49x36.8(2.4") IPS(Super TFT) 262K Color Adjustable 17 Optional  Optional
DS400240CTFT-61(TF) 400xRGBx240 73.5x37.5x6.3 53.3x32(2.4") TFT LCD-RGB 262K Color Adjustable 21  Optional  Optional
DS320240CIPS-66(TF) 320xRGBx240 46x73.8x5.4 53x39.5(2.6") IPS(Super TFT) 262K Color Adjustable 23  Optional   Optional
NOTE: The Backlight Adjustable means the brightness of backlight can be adjusted by software


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